Finding Home

Photo by Pixabay on Best line I heard today, "Sometimes folks is just born into the wrong shape and need to be able to shift to find home." To learn to be yourself is a beautiful thing. Sometimes it takes people a while to figure out who that is and how to get there.... Continue Reading →

The Life of Grace Dudley

The greatest weakness I have as a writer is finishing things. No one will ever read it if I don't finish it. I can't grow if I don't finish it. I find short stories finish easier than anything vaguely book length. But, short stories really don't get you far in recognition or sense of accomplishing... Continue Reading →

Understanding the Fruit Bowl

I was sitting in my living room with my husband, Mr. Stacy, watching a movie. Part way through he felt a little peckish and got up and went to the kitchen to get a little something to eat. He came back in with some fruit. It's his habit to bring a bit extra because he... Continue Reading →

Revisiting Pt. 5: It’s Always Now

Procrastinators unite! .... tomorrow. Heard that one before? How many times have you said "someday I am going to do that." Only to have someday never arrive. That's because someday never will come. It's only ever the present. Planning for the future is all well and good, but time isn't as divided as we think.... Continue Reading →

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