Understanding the Fruit Bowl

I was sitting in my living room with my husband, Mr. Stacy, watching a movie. Part way through he felt a little peckish and got up and went to the kitchen to get a little something to eat. He came back in with some fruit. It's his habit to bring a bit extra because he... Continue Reading →


I've been busy with trying to get baasho up and running through my publishing house, so I haven't been as prolific with all the writing that I would like. I've been chatting with someone that works for the local PBS and getting ideas for the journal. It's been nice to collaborate with people of shared... Continue Reading →

Peeking at my Wolf

Have you ever seen the Croods? It's a cartoon movie about a prehistoric family facing a rapidly changing landscape and faster changing lives while trying to get over their one main tenement in life: new is bad because anything can kill you. Just when you think someone is dead, they burst out from under a... Continue Reading →

Opinions and being a Cock

I have opinions just like everyone else. I have thoughts and feelings. One of the inherent pleasures of writing also presents one of the problems of writing as well, when you express those opinions, inevitably, there is a reaction. The reaction always comes, good, bad, or indifferent. With the luxury of not having to look... Continue Reading →

Creating Opportunity

I've been steadily working on writing projects since last October. My Granny Rose novel, a series of short stories, and myriad of other little projects in addition to attending a few online courses and working a full time job that is not anywhere in the writing world, but it does pay the bills and allows... Continue Reading →

Words of Wisdom

I don't wait for moods. You can accomplish nothing if you do that. Your mind must know it has got to get down to work. - Pearl S. Buck

Into Life Snow Must Fall

It's snowing again this gray sleepy morning. I wish spring would hurry up and catch up. Then again, this is Montana and the weather does what she wants without permission or hesitation. Weather and life have the same playbook I think. Still, I like looking at the snow, despite the cold and bitterness that can... Continue Reading →

Don’t Believe the Billboard

I went out with friends rather recently for my birthday. I had promised myself that I would be done with the current draft of Granny Rose and the Orb and I was not. I'm still not. Work had been leaving me rather tired and braindead and not really up to the task of writing. I could... Continue Reading →

Granny Rose and the Heart Shaped Box

I've been getting closer to completion on my current novel "Granny Rose and the Orb" and so I was really working on character development. Over Valentine's day, I was inspired to work through some character interactions related to the holiday and what might happen between a minotaur and my lead character. Enjoy. “I want that.”... Continue Reading →


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