Revisiting Pt.3: Dignity for One

I wrote this one day after listening to someone close to me feeling rattled by an unfortunate emotional blow. Still holds true. You were born for dignity. You were born to be strong, proud, and full of potential. There is so much going on in our lives that we often lose sight of ourselves. Sometimes... Continue Reading →

Revisiting Pt.2: 5 Things

Continuing on, here's a piece from the Uncensored blog in 2017 that I did while I was still sorting out the worst of me. Rereading it, I have to admit, I still need to remember these things. Though, I'm doing fine now, I can still hold the lessons. When I first started taking my steps... Continue Reading →

Getting Settled

Here I am today, sitting in my new apartment at my kitchen table with a hot cup of coffee looking out the window at the aspen and pine trees standing quietly watching me back in drizzling rain. Lennon and Maisy stream from my phone while lazy Egon fights off sleep only to lose.  My kitchen... Continue Reading →


I know I fall off the blogging and writing wagon a lot.  I get tangled up with work and life.  I blame my MS from time to time.  I get unreasonable tired and pack it up to bed so early that I forget to do what I love.  Well, approaching one year of MCGal blogging... Continue Reading →

Hello Spring?

Well, this winter had a hard time ending as it always does here in Montana.  Even now I can almost promise that there will be one more snowy day before we reach the end of the month.  However, we never let that stop us from planning for summer. This spring's buzz word for us has... Continue Reading →

The Dreaded Cold and Flu Season

As lovely as Montana is, it is not isolated from the rest of the world and cold and flu season has settled in horrifically.  The number of sick people at work seems to grow exponentially and even I have succumb to the horrors of the cold.  I spent a week marinating in cold and flu... Continue Reading →

Write On

Once I said I always come back to writing. And no matter what project I embark on to try to find what it is that I truly love, it always comes back to writing. Whenever I reinvent myself, it circles back to writing. So here I am. Let's write.

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