Getting Settled

Here I am today, sitting in my new apartment at my kitchen table with a hot cup of coffee looking out the window at the aspen and pine trees standing quietly watching me back in drizzling rain. Lennon and Maisy stream from my phone while lazy Egon fights off sleep only to lose.  My kitchen... Continue Reading →

Founding Fathers and Ice Cream

Mr. Stacy and I went on vacation over this last week. We don't get to do big vacations very often, so when I approached the idea I went to his bucket list (yep. He keeps a bucket list) and picked Mount Rushmore. Didn't quite have the ring that Scotland did, however, it fit into the... Continue Reading →

The Dreaded Cold and Flu Season

As lovely as Montana is, it is not isolated from the rest of the world and cold and flu season has settled in horrifically.  The number of sick people at work seems to grow exponentially and even I have succumb to the horrors of the cold.  I spent a week marinating in cold and flu... Continue Reading →

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