Finding Home

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Best line I heard today, “Sometimes folks is just born into the wrong shape and need to be able to shift to find home.” To learn to be yourself is a beautiful thing. Sometimes it takes people a while to figure out who that is and how to get there.

The truly blessed know right away and have the luxury and privilege to grow in this for nearly as long as they walk this world. Some of us struggle and scrape, walking on unsteady legs that never really quite learned how to walk. But those legs know how to run. They run towards some things. They run away from other things. Never stopping until they finally arrive to where they need to be.

Sometimes, it gets all too much and there are those that can’t simply carry on. There are plenty of us who get it. It gets hard. They never found their shape and hope became too hard to have or hold. No judgement on those that fall their darkness. I have those that I have dearly loved fall, unable to continue. I don’t think less of them. I miss them everyday.

I wish it was easy to figure out where we are supposed to be and how to get there. There is no map to find the way, but there are people who have found their way and are happy to help us find our own paths to that place.

Right now I’m trying to figure things out for myself. Trying to make the best choices. What I’ve figured out is just don’t go backwards. Figure out your shape and figure out what you need to do to get there. It never hurts to ask for help. And it never hurts to shift from time to time to make sure you’ve got it right.

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