What Slumbers Inside

As some of my readers know from Facebook, I have a story that I am working on in Wattpad that was actually the first story I ever did for NANOWRIMO when I first moved to Montana and the victim of the great technology crash of 2014. I did have a page made for it that I was working on it here, but then while I was working on The Life of Grace Dudley I decided to move it over there, again, in the hopes of gaining a little exposure and finding every writer’s dream of an audience. Are we following my thought process?

Of course we are!

Since that time I had disabled the page and totally forgot about its existence until, well, this afternoon. Now I have a got it happily slotted into the Library right here for linking pleasure.

Anyway, like with all my works, if you enjoy it, vote for it, like it, share it. Comment if you wish.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and I hope you find yourself completely entertained or at least distracted.

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