The Life of Grace Dudley

The greatest weakness I have as a writer is finishing things. No one will ever read it if I don’t finish it. I can’t grow if I don’t finish it. I find short stories finish easier than anything vaguely book length. But, short stories really don’t get you far in recognition or sense of accomplishing something larger than 10,000 words.

Which brought me to this project, The Life of Grace Duddley. It’s my first time using Wattpad and I rather enjoyed the idea of writing in installments where it’s available for reading and review. I plan on updating it two to three times a month until complete to keep it hot and moving.

This is about Grace Duddley, told in her own words through her diaries as found by the man who bought her home, Eli Brown.

If you enjoy it, don’t forget to vote for it, share, and save it to your library.

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