Understanding the Fruit Bowl

I was sitting in my living room with my husband, Mr. Stacy, watching a movie. Part way through he felt a little peckish and got up and went to the kitchen to get a little something to eat. He came back in with some fruit. It’s his habit to bring a bit extra because he knows, after so many years of marriage, that I will end up stealing some from him, especially if it’s grapes or strawberries. So, here I am picking at this little plate of fruit and I can’t help but think of that phrase “comparing apples to oranges.” That’s when it occurs to me that apples and oranges are quite similar.

Both fruits start off life at a tiny flower that is pollinated and matures on the tree. They both have a skin, or peel, seeds, and a flesh that is consumed. Both can be made into juice that pairs well with alcohol. Both can even be made into a breakfast spread that goes nicely on toast or english muffin. There are so many similarities between apples and oranges that the phrase itself is rather flawed.

It’s meant to illustrate that two things are so different from on and other, there is no comparison. However, there are comparisons and when you really look, two things that seem so different really just aren’t. We just accept that obvious differences keep two things from being the tiniest bit the same. If you take the time to reassess the relationship of two different objects or people, it could be so easy to find those hidden similarities and come to the realization at the same time that those qualities weren’t really hidden, you just never really noticed them before.

Everyday we take that status quo and accept any given amount of information at face value and agree “yep, this is the way it is.” It is a greater moment, however, to stop and look closer to understand the details. Once we have all the details, then we can really start to understand those relationships and find valuable, sometimes fleeting, moments of pure understanding. How long those moments last are ultimately up to us.

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