Vacation? Maybe

I'm not going to start thinking or complaining about my life here. Not this time. However, the are a few things you need to know about my life, if you haven't figured it out by now. I'm married, happily. I have a full time day job that pays the bills and supports my creative habits.... Continue Reading →

The Life of Grace Dudley

The greatest weakness I have as a writer is finishing things. No one will ever read it if I don't finish it. I can't grow if I don't finish it. I find short stories finish easier than anything vaguely book length. But, short stories really don't get you far in recognition or sense of accomplishing... Continue Reading →

Understanding the Fruit Bowl

I was sitting in my living room with my husband, Mr. Stacy, watching a movie. Part way through he felt a little peckish and got up and went to the kitchen to get a little something to eat. He came back in with some fruit. It's his habit to bring a bit extra because he... Continue Reading →

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