I’ve been busy with trying to get baasho up and running through my publishing house, so I haven’t been as prolific with all the writing that I would like. I’ve been chatting with someone that works for the local PBS and getting ideas for the journal. It’s been nice to collaborate with people of shared interests. And I can’t wait to get things into play with all of that.

However, while I have been enjoying the duties of Managing Editor, I am still working on getting the Hedge Valley series ready for it’s first run. One of the biggest things I have done, other than completing the first two episodes, is to rename the series to make it more of a reflection of what it is evolving into. I think it’s going past the realm of supernatural romance and into more of a dramatic piece, that happens to have sex… and swearing.

(in case you didn’t know, I have a hard time trusting people who never swear)

Alors! This is the official announcement that “Hedge Valley” is now known as “Crimson” with the first 3 episodes to be released sometime this coming July. Please enjoy the following excerpt from Episode 2 until then.

Standing in the cornfield with Private Courtland, Annais looked the man deep into his amber colored eyes and stroked the scruff of his chin while examining his face.  A stiff breeze picked up and rustled the dried corn stalks waiting for harvesting.  The afternoon was warmer than it had been for the last few days, and soft white clouds floated overhead.  Leaning in for a forceful kiss, she blocked him with her hand.  Placing her fingers on his lips, she tutted at him softly.

“Not until you’ve had your big surprise.”

  “I love a good surprise,” his voice gravely and low.  Placing his hands on her hips, he gave them a light squeeze.

Leaning in, she smiled, speaking so softly he had to lean in to hear her.  “Then you’ll love this one because it’s the best kind.”  As the smiled grew across his lips in sheer anticipation, she withdrew a heavy knife that was used in the harvesting of cabbages and cutting thick vegetation from beneath her skirt.  Without warning, she thrust the blade upwards through the soft tissue above his throat and into his mouth.  He gasped for breath as the shock overpowered him.  Quickly, she pulled the bloodied knife out and watched him stagger back, holding the gaping wound in his jaw.  Lashing out again, she plunged the knife into his throat, yanking it out.  His eyes rolled up, and he fell to the ground, dying among the fading corn stalks.

Standing over him, she took the heavy knife and hacked and cleaved, splattering blood everywhere until she couldn’t cut through anymore.  Dropping the knife, she grabbed his ears and hair and began to twist and pull, listening to the crack of the bones.  Annais wrenched it free, watching the blood drip down her hands and into the earth to feed her garden.  Holding on to it, she stood up and ran a finger down the bridge of his large nose, looking into his dead eyes while smiling softly.  Dropping his head into the basket, it landed on the pile of other heads, all bearing the face of the late Private Courtland.  Her brother stood in her shadow.

Crimson Episode 2: Guarded

I look forward to brining you the rest of the series to be released on Amazon.

Sunset, a field in black silhouette of a lone wolf standing in tall weeds looking at a single tree while a flock of birds fly overhead.
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