Peeking at my Wolf

Have you ever seen the Croods? It’s a cartoon movie about a prehistoric family facing a rapidly changing landscape and faster changing lives while trying to get over their one main tenement in life: new is bad because anything can kill you. Just when you think someone is dead, they burst out from under a rock or giant pile of Jurassic popcorn and scream “Still alive!” That’s how I feel most days. Especially when it comes to writing. I don’t think it’s very productive to write ever single day just to write. When you have a full time day job that pays the bills, it’s hard to come home, care for your family, take care of yourself, and still have the time to write for a few hours before forcing yourself to bed because 5am is coming fast.

Lately I’ve been conquering short stories while working on my novel in between moments. When time is limited, I am convinced it’s okay to work in small clumps to achieve little goals while working on a bigger one. Right now the big goal I have is just to finish things. Finishing things is probably the best lesson I learned. Finish things, then start the next. That’s what I like about sort stories. Quicker to finish and can be quite gratifying once done. I have a handful of stories that have been submitted to various publications that I am waiting on responses for.

One of my current projects is a collection of serial short stories that I’m presenting as episodes in a drama about a young lady living in an alternative version of this world where life is hard for humans and her life is further complicated the night she saves her brother. I’m calling it The Hedge Valley Series. Here’s a clip.

I’ll be releasing this with Absaroka Press once I’ve completed the next four episodes. I’m already mostly through Espisode 2, so look for this collection coming later this summer.

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