Creating Opportunity

I’ve been steadily working on writing projects since last October. My Granny Rose novel, a series of short stories, and myriad of other little projects in addition to attending a few online courses and working a full time job that is not anywhere in the writing world, but it does pay the bills and allows me to pay for my writing. And then, just when it seems like I couldn’t possibly pile anymore on my plate, I scooped life into a big pile on the side and said “I’ve got an idea.”

I say that a lot. “I’ve got an idea” seems to be my life’s motto. I get lots of ideas and I’m trying the new thing or I’m trying to find that one thing that I love to do that might take off so I can do that and dedicate my life to that passion. My husband, Mr. Stacy, tends to be an absolute blessing in this field because when I say “I got an idea” he doesn’t flinch or roll his eyes; he doesn’t become a naysayer or become critical. What he does is say “Okay, what can I do to help?” If you don’t have this in your life, you totally need to get this in your life.

When I get my “idea” moments, I try to wait a week or two, sometimes three, before implementing them in anyway shape or form. I am a true Aires in the respect that when I get these “ideas” there is a real possibility that I will eventually burn it out rather quickly or it doesn’t quite take off the way I had planned on. So, if it can pass the rumination period, it’s usually a fairly decent plan.

I presented my “idea” moment to Mr. Stacy and when I’m really getting into the details, he gets this look in his eye. At that moment, I knew he could see something in me that I hadn’t felt in a long time. Pure passion. When I was in high school, this is what I wanted to do and I tried chasing it down, but the opportunity never came along to elevate it. That’s when I knew that I needed to take a page from the book of the women in my life and paragraph or two from my heroes and say “Fuck it. Create your own opportunity.”

So I stuffed a ball gag into the mouth of self doubt and did the thing.

What did I do?

Well, I went ahead and launched my very own publishing house, Absaroka Press because I am working on producing and launching an e-zine, baasho. I get to support new writers and give them a place to show off their work. I get to create my own opportunity while giving other people an opportunity to shine. I feel like it’s a win-win.

I’m still writing my creative stuff, but I’m also hard at work on the magazine. It’s pretty much a one woman show, for now, but I will continue to grow and mold this opportunity for myself until it can happily support others and create more opportunities down the road.

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