Peeking at my Wolf

Have you ever seen the Croods? It's a cartoon movie about a prehistoric family facing a rapidly changing landscape and faster changing lives while trying to get over their one main tenement in life: new is bad because anything can kill you. Just when you think someone is dead, they burst out from under a... Continue Reading →

Opinions and being a Cock

I have opinions just like everyone else. I have thoughts and feelings. One of the inherent pleasures of writing also presents one of the problems of writing as well, when you express those opinions, inevitably, there is a reaction. The reaction always comes, good, bad, or indifferent. With the luxury of not having to look... Continue Reading →

Creating Opportunity

I've been steadily working on writing projects since last October. My Granny Rose novel, a series of short stories, and myriad of other little projects in addition to attending a few online courses and working a full time job that is not anywhere in the writing world, but it does pay the bills and allows... Continue Reading →

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