Into Life Snow Must Fall

It’s snowing again this gray sleepy morning. I wish spring would hurry up and catch up. Then again, this is Montana and the weather does what she wants without permission or hesitation. Weather and life have the same playbook I think. Still, I like looking at the snow, despite the cold and bitterness that can creep in along side.

It is kind of a sad day to me. Remember last week when I was feeling less than stellar about being me? Well, there is a local gallery where I did have some of my things still available (See? I never really did give up). Recently I was contacted by one of the owners that the gallery was closing its I should come and get my things.

My heart broke.

I am accustomed to rejection, disappointment, and all things negative. When I get bad news I digest it, I move on. But, this time it wasn’t about me. It was about them. I feel bad for them, having to give up on a dream. From as long as I’ve known them, they’ve had this gallery. From the moment I arrived to Montana they were firmly in the midst of working their dream and now they are closing doors. It does hurt to see people you respect put into this kind of a position. I just hope that one day they may find themselves able to resume their dreams and reopen those doors.

Spring will eventually come around and the never ending winter will end. The snow will finally stop for the time and the flowers will bloom. Or, at least this is what I tell myself.

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