Granny Rose and the Heart Shaped Box

I’ve been getting closer to completion on my current novel “Granny Rose and the Orb” and so I was really working on character development. Over Valentine’s day, I was inspired to work through some character interactions related to the holiday and what might happen between a minotaur and my lead character.


“I want that.” He pointed to red heart shaped box topped with a velvet ribbon. Granny Rose furrowed her brow and shook her head.
“No. You can’t have these.” Thurrock’s tail whipped at the air in aggravation. He didn’t like being told no, especially by a human, so spongy, soft, and weak. How could he take anything from them seriously?
“I said that I want that. Now.” Reaching out, thick stumpy fingers grappled for the box. The elderly human moved the box behind her back and away from him.
“And I said no,” she spoke with a firm assertion. She turned around and began to shuffle away, pushing away the great lummox.
He snorted and bellowed like a wounded animal or a child throwing a tantrum. He charged for the red box and once again tried to take the candy away from the old woman. Granny Rose held fast and struck out with her cane landing an exceptionally hard blow between the beast’s eyes, just below his horns. He snorted and roared in pain. It actually did hurt. Pain was radiating from the lump that was rising between his eyes.
“But I want some!” A single tear trickled down from his eye. Granny Rose turned around and tenderly rubbed his great bearded muzzle, sorry she had caused him pain. It was, however, for the best.
“Chocolate isn’t good for minotaurs.”

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