Revisiting Pt. 5: It’s Always Now

Procrastinators unite! …. tomorrow. Heard that one before? How many times have you said “someday I am going to do that.” Only to have someday never arrive.

That’s because someday never will come. It’s only ever the present. Planning for the future is all well and good, but time isn’t as divided as we think. It’s either the past or now. We know that tomorrow is tomorrow because the sun sets, night falls, day breaks, and the sun comes up again. But, the whole time we live in the now. 

Sometimes the thing we want to do takes planning. Make your plans and start acting on them. Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Just get in there and do it.

I knew this gal from work who wanted to start a support group for people with chronic invisible illnesses like lupus, ms, chronic pain. She began into the “someday” mode. Someday I will organize it, someday I will find someone to sit as the head, someday I will find a place and set a time, someday I will send out the invites. I asked her what was stopping her after about two weeks of the someday talk. For her the timing was off and all the other daily life roadblocks. Told her to start small, pick a date and time, pick a place, and send out the invites. Just do it.

If you let the little things block you, someday will never come because it’s always now. Just do whatever it is anyway. Do the thing, make the thing, become the thing, be the thing. It’s always the time to chase the dream. 

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