20151101_102510I know I fall off the blogging and writing wagon a lot.  I get tangled up with work and life.  I blame my MS from time to time.  I get unreasonable tired and pack it up to bed so early that I forget to do what I love.  Well, approaching one year of MCGal blogging and I don’t feel like I got enough done here to be considered good for much of anything other than that person who throws money down the void.

…And then we moved…

Now, if that’s not a productivity killer, I don’t know what is.  And honestly, we’re still trying to get ahead of the move.  It didn’t go as planned.  What could go wrong did.  I never ever want to do another self-move ever again so long as I live. So help me Bob.

However, in all of this, well… I’m just going to say it… fuckery, I found that the people who want to help the most will.  Unless they live out of state.  Not much you can do from 1000+ miles away other than text you to remind you to drink water, grab a bite, and words of encouragement.  Yes, it does help.  But those that live near by who stand up and say “We got you!” I love you all very much.

Even today, as we get ready to make one last run at the old place for all those final little things, I appreciate everything that’s been done for us.  And I hope that once dust and cardboard have settled to try to make a better life by actually doing the things that mean the most to me on a regular basis again and start to manage this illness better so it’s not managing me so much.

So, make sure you’re all checking back in again so you can see the things I actually get done.


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