Hello Spring?


Well, this winter had a hard time ending as it always does here in Montana.  Even now I can almost promise that there will be one more snowy day before we reach the end of the month.  However, we never let that stop us from planning for summer.

This spring’s buzz word for us has been “glamping.”  It’s glamorous camping.  That differs from regular camping how?  It’s all about substance and style.  While we both enjoy throwing on the flannels and jeans and hitting the road with the tent and French press in tow, occasionally I want a little more posh and relaxation than a nylon tent and half inflated air mattress.

We were at a local store looking at refreshing some camping supplies for the season and my husband wandered into the tents and he called me over sounding fairly excited.  “How about a yurt?”  I wandered over quickly as he loves the buy camping gear and I wanted to approve or pause large purchases.

“You mean like the tent they use on the steppes with the cooking fires and goats?”

“Yeah, but modern.”  He was pointing to a large boxed tent that was indeed a modernized yurt.  After a few moments of reflective silence I was about to speak when he leaned in a way that only Mr. Stacy can and softly said “Glamping.”

I could see it.  I reached out and grabbed the box to read details.

“I blame you.”

“I’ll take that blame.”

We ended up not getting the tent at that moment.  It went on the to be purchased list as we have a trip to see Mount Rushmore coming at the end of this month and wanted to save a little extra money for that.  I wasn’t worried about the store selling out, because even if it does, I checked their online shop and found it carried there as well.  Hello free delivery.

Now Mr. Stacy had served as a gateway to make glamping a real thing in our lives and not just a Pinterest hobby board.  He is the best crafting enabler ever.

So here’s to this summer with all the crafting, food, and traveling a mountain girl could hope to have.

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