Finding Home

Photo by Pixabay on Best line I heard today, "Sometimes folks is just born into the wrong shape and need to be able to shift to find home." To learn to be yourself is a beautiful thing. Sometimes it takes people a while to figure out who that is and how to get there.... Continue Reading →


I quit my day job this last Friday. While I wish had to be to focus on a writing, it wasn't. Honestly, thinking of this place as my career that was problematic. Never once did I think to myself that I had the best job ever or even something I could see myself doing for... Continue Reading →

Leaning into the Wind

We aren't really human unless we're constantly thinking, evolving, growing, learning. That's most of what I've been doing as I near my next birthday. Some folks just rolled their eyes, but, birthdays are the perfect time for a little self reflection. Our own personal new years moment to reflect on where we've been and where... Continue Reading →

Keep on Rolling

After completing the most recent anthology project, I was wondering what to do next, outside of starting to write Crimson Part 2 and the few other scattered WIP's waiting for my twisted, yet gentle, and always unusual thoughts. You know, a writer is always writing something. Through talking with the other writers, I began to... Continue Reading →

To the Plan

Sometimes things in life don't go as planned or as promised. Honestly, that feels like most of my life. While I'm sure that there are plenty of people in this boat with me, and I know for sure there are, it still feels like you're alone in your head. So then, I think to myself,... Continue Reading →

New Release

The first book in the Crimson series is now available on Amazon for preorder. October 31st marks the official release date.

Moving Along

I can't really believe that I am getting things rolling over there on Amazon. In case you haven't been keeping up with things over there on Facebook or Instagram, I am part of a new anthology coming out Witching Hour Zodiac Anthology, available October 22. Filled with plenty of dark stories from lots of great... Continue Reading →

What Slumbers Inside

As some of my readers know from Facebook, I have a story that I am working on in Wattpad that was actually the first story I ever did for NANOWRIMO when I first moved to Montana and the victim of the great technology crash of 2014. I did have a page made for it that... Continue Reading →

Pep Talk for Me

Very recently I had come across an open call for authors for an anthology. And, I applied. When I did this I had no idea that I would be accepted to write one of their stories. After applying to so many publications trying to catch a break, it was a great ego boost. I'll release... Continue Reading →

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